Commissioners Vote To Finance Computers

12 Nov

Macon County Commissioners Ron Haven, Ronnie Beale, Kevin Corbin, Bobby Kuppers, and Jimmy Tate presented Boy Scout Andrew Baldwin with a special plaque recognizing his efforts to preserve Macon County’s heritage through restoring New Hope Cemetery.

Last year, Shields was appointed to the Board to fill out the remaining term of the seat after it was vacated by Charlie Leatherman. Commissioners noted Shields dedication to education and service to Macon County as examples of his outstanding commitment and ability to continue serving the Board of Trustees. On Tuesday, August 21, The Macon County Board of Commissioners reconvened to finish out the agenda. Macon youth preserving heritage During the meeting, Andrew Baldwin went before the board to give a presentation asking for the board’s help in preserving New Hope Cemetery.
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New York Computer Help Launches New Online Scheduling Website

5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –New York Computer Help, known for its top NYC computer repair service since 2000, today unveiled its new user-friendly website, , that showcases a new online scheduling feature. In addition, the design is easy on the eyes and includes a full list of products and prices. “We have worked extensively for the past several years to create the best customer experience possible with our website,” said New York Computer Help CEO Joe Silverman. “Our aim was to create a truly transparent and accessible website. I believe our company pretty interesting site stands above the rest with its gorgeous design and unique online offering to schedule a computer repair visit.” On the site, customers can go to the Schedule Onsite Service link to choose their desired computer repair service and visit time. Silverman proudly said: “The best part of all is it acts like Amazon in that you only have to enter your contact information and credit card once. When scheduling future service appointments, the website will remember customers’ information and will only charge after the service is completed.” Onsite visits include: virus removal, Internet or email fix, PC or Mac repair, server or network support, IT maintenance, and new computer or office set-ups. Customers may find their exact computer issues and associated costs through the website. Service includes: NYC PC repair , NYC Mac repair , and NYC iPhone and iPad repair. “One of our goals is to give potential customers everything they would ask for, including pricing, turn-around time, warranty, and the overall logistics. We are happy to speak to customers on the phone, but the site, on its own, is a very helpful and quick way to answer frequently asked questions,” said Steve Franklin, Product Team Lead.
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